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George and all,

Jerry is correct. Leather has several very special properties; a combination of traits that no other material has. Leather is almost magic; and to me is one of the most facinating materials to work with to make things. Treat leather right, and it will serve you well.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA USA Treating 56 year old leather in my Bentley with Leatherique and bringing it back to life after 40 years of sitting idle. What fun!

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Subject: Re: [CR] Saddle soaking: No kidding?
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 13:09:30 +0000

Like Tom I was flummoxed by the posts on saddle soaking, especially in a forum where repair("conservation") of any kind is generally eschewed. Notwithstanding, "before and after" photos of soaked saddles would be very interesting. Meanwhile, the only saddle I'm waterboarding is my plastic Unicanitor.
George Hollenberg MD

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Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 07:45:00 -0000
Subject: [CR] Saddle soaking: No kidding?

> I almost checked the calendar to see if it was April first when
> I read the
> recent post about saddle soaking. I guess if Tony C. likes it,
> it must be
> good, but it really took me by surprise. Would any of you who
> are planning
> to try this please take some close up photos of the surface and
> shape ,
> etc., before and after , and share them with the rest of us?
> I am still a skeptic, I'm afraid. I am reminded of the old
> Charles Atlas
> claims that "In just seven days I can make you a man" Hell, the
> only time
> I've seen anything like that happen was in the Rocky Horror
> Picture Show.
> Some things just seem too good to be true. Are you doing
> anything special
> to re-shape the saddles afterward?
> Tom Sanders
> Lansing, MI USA
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George Hollenberg MD