Re: [CR] What are you bringing to Cirque?

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Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 22:09:48 -0400
From: Michael Schmidt <>
To: Tom Sanders <>, <>
Thread-topic: [CR] What are you bringing to Cirque?
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Subject: Re: [CR] What are you bringing to Cirque?

Gabriel Romeu and I recently assisted Eddie Albert and the US Hall of Fame by packing up the artifacts for shipping to Davis, CA. The HOF contents are currently sitting in a warehouse in the New Jersey countryside that I have dubbed Area 51. We were given a few items to offer for auction such as Hall of Fame lapel pins, water bottle, HOF timeline posters, Greg LeMond posters and LeMond's TdF championship bicycle. We should at least get 500 bucks for the bike. Nobody has called the house yet so I don't think Eddie and Vince realize it is missing.

The bike I am bringing will be the Rob Roberson with its new facelift from Joe Bell's house of magic. This is the bike I wanted to bring last year but it wasn't quite ready yet so I brought that ratty old frog bike that I found in Alex March's dumpster; a Rene Herse.

Ray Homiski and I will be doing the 50/50 raffle again this year. Ticket sales will start mid day Friday and we plan on pulling the winning tickets at around 9PM Friday night.

Have a safe trip for those planning on attending Cirque.

On 5/28/09 9:30 PM, "Tom Sanders" <> wrote:
> I have some space issues this year and may not bring a bike at all, but I
> have some killer stuff for my Vendor's table. Big bunch of X-L Jerseys, my
> stash of brake hoods (three Gallon zip lock bags worth), My stash of extra
> saddles and some of the most beautiful wheels I've ever had. Tons of tiny
> Campy parts, too!
> For the auction I have a great Tour of Russia jersey I am donating. This
> reminds me, things shipped to Wayne for the auction have to get there very
> soon now. Time to go through your parts bins if you haven't already done
> so. Waiting until the last minute makes it very difficult to get everything
> set up and into the auction.
> If I do bring a bike, it will be my Kvale fixed gear.
> The 50/50 auction tickets will be available at registration this year , as
> well as during the auction, so that we can get that done earlier in the
> evening during the auction than in the past.
> Sure looking forward to seeing everyone.
> Until then,


> Tom Sanders


> Lansing, MI USA