Re: [CR] Ebay outing, MASI chainring, and now panto in general

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Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 09:07:03 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR] Ebay outing, MASI chainring, and now panto in general

Freek, I would be suspicious of the originality of the Masi chainring you have listed. I saw it when it popped up on eBay a couple days ago, though I didn't realize a CR list member owned it. It doesn't have the characteristics of a typical original Masi chainring from that era, or any from era that I'm familiar with. The simplistic engraving reminds me of the non-original Colnago pantographed parts (and other marques) that have flooded eBay. They appear to be originating from Italy and other places in Europe.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but those are my thoughts.

Speaking in general now, this has been a hot topic in the past. Personally I only want to install panto parts that I know to be original & of the same style I've seen & used over the past 35 years on my own Masi's & Colnagos. Originality counts when a person is dealing with collectibles, whether it's bikes or anything else. It scary to think that some of the stuff on eBay is being purchased as original by unknowing folks. If the people creating these artistic interpretations would simply do cut-outs & drillium then that'd be great. I have some drillium on my own bikes. But it's when they put a manufacturer's name on it, call it original (and naturally extract a premium price for it) that really bugs me. It's called counterfeiting and the integrity our hobby is hurt by it, both now and in the future.

Mark Winkelman
Dallas, Texas USA

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Subject: [CR] Ebay outing, mine: Masi chainring, 1st gen SR rear mech,'75

Gazelle and more

> Good day all,
> I'm active on Ebay again, auctions will end next Sunday. 6 items are
> on-topic.
> - 1975 Gazelle AA-frame, vanilla gold metallic, 58 c-t; quite nice, a
> lot
> of parts are included
> - mid 70s Masi pantographed chainring (53 teeth); milled, cut and
> pantographed ... and as an expert told me, quite rare in this particular
> form
> - milled clamp-on Campagnolo gearlevers; added a Campagnolo clamp-on bb
> cable guide, for good measure
> - mid 70s Cinelli 64 handlebar and old logo stem; nice condition
> - mid 70s Cinelli 65 handlebar and old logo stem; double knight crests,
> choice of stem lengths
> This is the link:
> Item number for the Gazelle frame is 220422485167, my sellers name is
> faustobeer.
> The better pcitures are here:
> Questions are always welcome, thanks for looking and enjoy bidding!
> Freek Faro
> Rotterdam Netherlands