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Mike got it right! Harry ordered a perfect day, the crowds were out and this is the most fun you can have standing up.The venue was outstanding, and Brooklyn has changed since I grew up there. Bike paths, great people, the air of party time saturated the day. This has to become an institution. Three cheers for Harry for setting this up!!!. Alan Bernstein ( manhattan but nostalgic for his lost Brooklyn youth)

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It was a perfect day for an outdoor swap in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. The crowds were incredible and the vendors all wished they had brought more to sell. By 8AM, most of the vendors were set up but the crowds started to arrive after 10AM and peaked around 11:00 - 1:00. At 2 PM, the swap was officially over but you could not tell that to the crowds that were still there. Lots of BVVW and CR types on hand. I snapped some photos with my iphone and uploaded them on Wool Jersey. Enjoy umble/?g2_page=2

Mike Schmidt
Millington, NJ