[CR] Help identifying reclaimed Nervex lug frame please

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From: Ken Foster <kenf3@me.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 22:10:00 +0100
Subject: [CR] Help identifying reclaimed Nervex lug frame please

Hi Very much a newbie to the forum and classic bike restoration, although not a newcomer to steel framed bikes. I originally posted on bike forums and it was suggested I ask the experts here.

I've recently retired and on one of my last (professional) visits to the local recycling sites I came across this frame as shown at http://picasaweb.google.com/kenf300/...55576905652114

I thought it was too good to be scrapped, an interesting project, and it was free! I'm still thinking of the best way to approach any restoration. It would help if I knew what I had, I don't want to do the cycling equivalent of chopping a BSA Gold Star! Apart from a couple of modern bikes I have a nice 80s Columbus frame Ribble which is a built up as a fixed wheel and one idea I have is to use the bits on this frame and restore the Ribble. On the other hand, I suspect the frame may be from 1959 (when I was eleven and just discovering the freedom of cycling) so any help appreciated.

I've stripped the paint and while I've found some clues as on the photos, I'm no closer to making an identification. I've tried to give as much information as possible so apologies if it's too much.

Hope someone can help, thank you

Serial number 59o3084o0222-F38 on Bottom Bracket (BB) See Picture on Picasa Other stampings NERVEX on BB See Picture on Picasa

OC on BB See Picture on Picasa

CHATER LEA on dropouts See Picture on Picasa Fork Steerer Tube Stamp 218 See Picture on Picasa Axle and Bottom Bracket Manufactured by T.D.C. Blvd original Lugs Nervex Pro (I think) See Picture on Picasa Colour Blue This is a respray,well done but no transfers. After stripping there is a brass filling of a small dent on the top tube. Inside the BB the colour is a sort of duck egg green Dimensions Condition

Frame is generally in good condition and apears true, dimple on rear stays where light was fitted. Some spatter around some lugs which perhaps suggests mass production Seat Post to BB 23\u201d

Top Tube 22\u201d

Down Tube 23\u201d

Head Post 6\u201d

Seat Tube (internal) 2.4mm Only have a metric gauge that works out to 1 and 1/16" on a rule Handlebar Steel, branded Giro d\u2019Italia

Handlebar Stem No name steel Front brake routed through stem Campagnolo bar end shifter

Probably original as no fittings on down tube for shift levers Brake levers Weinemann

Front Brake Weinemann centre pull

Back Brake Mafac centre pull

Chainwheel No name steel See Picture on Picasa Rear derailleur Shimano 600 Running as 5 speed but frame has lugs on both sides for 10 speed. Probably not original I put a 700c wheel on and it shifted smoothly and the brakes worked fine.

Ken Foster