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Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 21:02:42 -0400
From: Harvey Sachs <>
To: Eugene Powell <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Scans of Louison Bobet Cyclo-Pedia pages

Well, Eugene, if it was exactly a Mercier "under the skin," maybe the easy way out would be to "re-skin" it as a Mercier, assuming that Mercier decals & stuff would be easier to find. :-)

I only saw a few of the C-34 Amateur Racer models, before I really appreciated forged cranks and Dural Forge Mafacs. And a plain-guage 531 frameset! That really was a transition time, the mid-60s, when the track folk were said to be still using cottered cranks, not yet trusting those new-fangled aluminum cotterless things... But, I suspect there were more of the C-34 than the much more expensive C-35 "Pro." But, the C-34, upgraded to Campy Record derailleurs, was only $120, while the Pro was $190. Dollars were much bigger back then.

harvey sachs mcLean va

Eugene Powell wrote:
> Based on these scans it seems my "Bobet" is likely a C34. Not only does
> the frame description match, but it came to me with the "Dural Forge"
> Mafac racers, the Pivo stem, and the cottered hollow spindle
> Stronglight competition bottom bracket. Though the foil of the
> headbadge is intact the only information it offers is the stamped
> serial #, whatever it had for an image is long gone....................
> Now the questions start????????
> As near as I can tell the shape of the headbadges is the same on Bobet
> and Mercier. Is there a differance to subtle to be seen in the photos/
> scans? Were they printed out on the same stock?
> Where do I go looking for decals? Headbadge with printing on it?
> Thanks Harvey,
> Gene Powell
> Rad Finishes
> Portland, Oregon
> On Jul 3, 2009, at 5:21 PM, Harvey Sachs wrote:
>> I've scanned the six pages of the 7th (1966) edition of Cyclo-Pedia
>> dealing with these imports, which seem to have been rebadged
>> Merciers. The scans are big, about 1 MB/double page, and strictly
>> black & white. But, if you need them, or want to post them, I can
>> pass them along. Or just the one on the C-34 Amateur and C-35 Pro
>> road bikes. Gee, Dale, want them for the French section of
>> For those who don't remember Cyclo-Pedia, it was one of the few
>> sources of imported parts Back Then. The proprietor, Gene Portuesi,
>> was active in the Olympic cycling movement as coach, etc. Originally
>> in Detroit, later more-or-less retired to Cadillac, MI. I was in
>> Houston in the early 60s, and it was the only place I knew of to get
>> sew-ups and other goodies. Heck, Houston didn't even have a Raleigh
>> dealer back then, and Raleigh turned down my offer to sell the better
>> bikes out of my dorm room. Good thing, too.
>> harvey sachs
>> mcLean va