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Charles, like many/most panto items on eBay, this one appears fake too. Take a quick look at his other auctions and it's clear someone has gone crazy with an engraving machine, throwing graffiti on all sorts of vintage parts, masquerading as vintage panto. This stuff makes me sick. I used to like panto items but now junk like this is so common that it takes the novelty & uniqueness out of it.

Here's another example of an obvious backyard attempt to enhance the value of a Campy rear derailleur from the same seller:

Mark Winkelman
Dallas, Texas USA

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Subject: [CR] colnago seatpost

> I'm curious about this post:
> is the roman-serif style of the *COLNAGO* milled into this post from the
> day, or something done later? I don't recall ever seeing this style of
> post on bikes of that period (early 1980s) does appear that the
> seller is selling a lot of aftermarket-pantographed stuff, I'm wondering
> if this is one, or of anyone here remembers this style of milling from
> back in the day.
> Thanks.
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