[CR] Re contemporary 'vintage' panto parts

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Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 13:37:28 +1000
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From: Greg S <gtsoftley@ozemail.com.au>
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Subject: [CR] Re contemporary 'vintage' panto parts

>Hi Group, Time to chime in on this thread. The main issue as I see it with the proliferation of newly pantographed components is the incorrect patterns and incorrect components that are being used for these purposes. The blatant simplification of multi-use designs and templates to decorate components that have never been engraved originally send alarm bells ringing in my ears. I already know of many solid bike enthusiasts including professional running vintage bike based businesses who have bought these parts commenting...'Wow, I havent seen that component pantographed before, it must be rare...I want it!!" I dont have a problem with faithful and accurate reproductions using correct designs with the right period correct parts that were an original option at the time of production, but I do have a problem with the current flow of parts that blur timelines and will confuse future enthusiasts. So much of the knowledge and debate we have in our interest is focused on timelines and correct components. We must define by way of web galleries the true original pantographed components that were an option at time of purchase of the bikes that were decorated in that manner. If we dont, this issue will only be continued into the future with the chance that in a couple of decades, anything that has been pantographed will be seen to be original to any bike that wears the parts. I have started to do a gallery with my Colnago pantographed components in my flickr site, but time restraints have prevented me from getting it fully finished and 'polished'. (Must spend more time
on the computer!!)
Greg Softley