[CR] weekend experience in Michigan

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Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 12:44:37 -0400
To: <flyingdutchman63@gmail.com>, <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] weekend experience in Michigan

Folks, I had the privilege of joining the group that put together an opportunity to try track riding ( I only got as far as the blue warm up lap) and get together to talk the talk and show the stuff -- even buy some great posters and vintage goodies. The weather cooperated, Mark Agree showed up from Southfield, and we had a chance to watch nationally ranked teams do their stuff on the track in the evenings. The track designer was there, and it was great to meet and talk with him, as well as a coach who talked us through the process of getting onto the track. I brought my nephew, a junior at the U of Michigan and he was running at speed around the top of the oval, having a wonderful time. All in all it was a demonstration of how a community can come together and put a resource like this in the hands of its residents. Tim deserves our support and I hope they make this a yearly event. Thanks for inviting the list, Tim, and thanks for your courtesy and friendliness to me and my family. Regards, Alan Bernstein New York City, USA

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