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Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 16:08:05 -0700
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Morgan, I am sure most of us would have you keep the donations for now, see what can be done, let us all know the cost to get back online, and I would bet more donations would flow your way. Don't pull the plug on this just yet. Your site means a lot to many of us.

Walter Nash Tucson, Baja AZ 110 degrees...but a dry heat

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I got a phone call from Drivesavers, and the heads definitely hit the platters on the disk, i.e. physical damage. They said they'd need more time with the disk and the price is now between $2000 and $2500. I have received about $350 in donations. This is a touchy subject at home, the machine was purely for personal use and hobbies, it's no money-maker. If I (and my wife) decide we can't afford the recovery, I'll refund the donations I've gotten until now. And that's if they can actually recover the data. Still waiting to hear back from them.

It's a sad period for wooljersey.

Morgan Fletcher Oakland, CA USA but temporarily in Philadelphia, PA USA (down the street from Via Bicycle)