[CR] Wool Jersey! JackGabus!!

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Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 15:58:24 -0400
From: Greg Arnold <greg@nofatmusic.com>
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Thread-topic: Wool Jersey! JackGabus!!
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Subject: [CR] Wool Jersey! JackGabus!!


I've always liked the practical way you think. The Danish influence no doubt!

I'm with you - and I would offer to match the highest contribution made to Morgan in the next week - and will start with a pledge of $75 for his effort. If anyone pledges more, Ill match the difference.

Perhaps I could suggest er, BACKING UP THE DRIVE THIS TIME! (tee hee) Storage has become ridiculously cheap. My $75 will buy a 1 terabyte internal drive. Or a few cocktails out on the town in NYC!

MY preference? 1 terabyte of great vintage steel.


Cheers all

Greg arnold NYC http://www.nofatmusic.com