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From: Robert Troy <>
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Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 12:48:20 -0400
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My thanks to all the listers that have weighed in on the subject. This is exactly why the CR list is so special. Whether built by Cherubim or Toei, I'm thrilled with it. One lister suggested a few resemblances to early Yoshi builds (similar lugwork, chrome under paint, no serial #, same fork crowns and drops, etc.) but the jury is still very much out.

At the suggestion of some, I've taken a few more lug and crown close-ups, and posted here:

original photos here:

In regards to the age issue, I'm still inclined to believe that it's from the 70s, due to:

1) the nutted brakes, lack of dt shifter braze-ons, and lack of seat tube bottle braze-ons. Am I off base on this assertion?

2) this, theoretically, should be one of the earliest "Echelon" frames in that the original owner stated that his friends at DIN initially took a stab at building some frames themselves, and gave one to him. Those frames (though not his) started to fail, and the DIN guys then decided to import some from Japan for possible re-branding and distribution. They felt bad that the owner's frame might fail, and gave him one of the first batch of imported frames (hence the lack of decals). The owner would have no reason to embelish or alter the history (other than faulty memory). He was actually under the impression that DIN never actually sold any frames as "Echelon."

Thanks again for all the great feedback. Any further info., photos, facts, educated guesses, and even wild speculation are appreciated.


Bob Troy Chicago, IL USA

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> Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 13:38:27 -0700
> From: David Benson <>
> Subject: Re: [CR] Help dating/identifying possible Echelon/Cherubim?
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> Hi Bob
> Possibly I am the only other remaining listmember with an Echelon, though a few possibly past members have had them.
> Mine is an Echelon Spectra which is a racing, rather than sport-touring, frame.
> Photos here:
> Earlier discussion on the CR list of Cherubim and Echelon is in the archives:
> I was under the impression that these frames date from the 80s, and the aerodynamic styled fork on my frame, and the similarities between yours and mine in terms of lugs and dropouts would seem to support this.
> David Benson
> Auckland
> New Zealand