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Hi Jeff: You can do whatever you want with this bike. It's not the bike that should be honest or transparent-it's the bike's owner that has responsibility. Perhaps you'll enjoy this image: George George Hollenberg MD

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 9:16 PM, <> wrote:
> I am currenty making a decision whether to re-paint a 1981 Colnago Mexico.
> The frame is Saronni red with original decals and paint. The top tube and
> left rear stay have a lot of scratches. There is a faint unfaded area where
> a decal with the rider's name "Antonio" was on the top tube, but has since
> been removed. The paint has faded slightly with areas under the tubes more
> deeply red than the tops of the tubes.
> Issues to consider: 1) Does the newer vintage, relatively high production,
> and ability to perfectly match Saronni red on a Colnago Mexico make
> repainting this frame not quite as severe a measure as doing so on an older
> and more rare a marque like a Rene Herse or Hetchins?
> 2) Does touching up a frame like this still keep it "honest" and
> "transparent"? or is it better to keep it "as-is" scars and all?
> 3) Does restoration or replacement of worn components compromise "honesty"
> and "transparency". For example, replacing worn brake pads with original
> Campagnolo, Replacing worn cables, replacing the original Regina Extra
> Record chain with an new one, replacing the original Regina Oro freewheel
> with a new one, polishing a scratched seat post, polishing an original
> Mexico (non-anodized) crank, replacing bar tape with period correct tape,
> re-plating worn or pitted chrome, etc.
> I could easily make this bike look like it was sitting on the showroom
> floor in 1981 or leave it looking worn and used. What to do??
> Jeff Pyzyk
> Milwaukee, WI
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