Re: [CR] Qualified Frame Repair in Illinois/Iowa/Wisconsin area?

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Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 22:06:03 -0400
From: Ken Freeman <>
To: donald gillies <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Qualified Frame Repair in Illinois/Iowa/Wisconsin area?

Regarding the seatstay availability problem, I'd just voice it to Ron and see what solutions he can offer. Actually I think this a good test for Franklin or Assenmacher, or any of the other local restoration workers.

Ken Freeman Ann Arbor, MI USA

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 5:42 PM, donald gillies <> wrote:
> Since I'm fresh back from a visit to a local frame builder (10 mins
> ago), with my repaired frame (new top tube), I thought I'd comment on
> this question ....
> I second the recommendation for Ron Boi at RRB cycles in Chicago. His
> moniker on ebay is "13ron" :
> He runs an ebay store named something like, "Trek 2a Bicycle Store"
> (now "Truck 2A Bicycle Store 4Tires"). He has been building frames
> since the mid 1970's and he recently sent me some pictures of an aero
> time-trial frame that he made from steel.
> Another choice is Franklin Frames of Ohio, Dale recommends those guys
> a lot.
> The problem of repairing seatstays in such an old bike might be in
> finding the right type of seat stays. Most seat stays start out at a
> certain diameter, maybe 10-15 mm, then they bulge in the middle for
> the brake bridge, then they shrink back down:
> 11mm / 15mm - double taper (wider in middle)
> 14mm / 14mm - double taper (wider in middle)
> 14mm / 10.5mm - single taper
> 17mm / 12.5mm - single taper
> 16mm / 12.5mm - single taper
> There are a zillion possibilities, but sadly, not very many of them
> are being made today, especially the "pencil" stays. You might want
> to measure your seat stay diameters and lengths before you contact
> someone about having the frame repaired. Better yet, find the parts
> online and take them with you to the frame builder.
> - Don Gillies
> San Diego, cA, USA