Re: [CR] '74 Motobecane Grand Record repaint

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Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 11:59:22 -0400
From: George Allen <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] '74 Motobecane Grand Record repaint

I've had a fondness for the Grand Record since I was a 14 year old kid who couldn't afford one. I have a very nice original condition one now. I absolutely love the black/red with gold pin striping. They ride pretty nice. I'd say on par with a Raleigh International.

As for the question you raised, I supposed you are asking if it's OK to repaint a bike much nicer than the original crap paint that came on Motobecanes, Raleighs, Peugeots,etc.. IMHO, unequivocally yes. Especially if the original paint was in such bad shape as to threaten the soundness of the frame. My only exception would be if the bike's original paint was in very nice shape. Maybe it's important to preserve an original 1970's production bike finish if only to display to our younger brethren how bikes were painted back in the day. I've had a Raleigh Pro and Raleigh Team repainted by Joe Bell and another Team repainted by Brian Baylis. Each time the issue arose: do you want me to paint it well or make it look like, well, not crap but what it would've looked like leaving the factory? Each time I told them to do their best job. I want the graphics correct. I want the paint to be thin and not too glossy. But I sure as hell don't want to pay a big gob of money to get a circa 1970's Raleigh paint job. And while an original bike in great shape will always bring a higher market price I believe a repaint by a Joe Bell or a Bryan Baylis or a Keith Anderson will have a certain marketable cachet sometime in the future, probably after I'm dead though. Would a 1970's Peugeot repainted by Alex Singer or Rene Herse be worth more than a Peugeot with original paint?

George Allen Lexington, Ky USA

Keith Anderson Cycles wrote:
>Esteemed list members,
>I am just wrapping up on a Motobecane Grand record refinish. I realize
>that this can open a can of worms, but I am willing to take my chances
>(and lumps if need be).
>This is my interpretation of what this bike could have looked like had
>it not been a (French) production bike. This is a "sentimental"
>refinish, and I want my customer to love it more than he ever has. I
>could never in good conscience make this bike look the way it did new. I
>am actually surprised at how well the new lug lining went on.
>So, this isn't just about me showing off, but more about my position of
>interpreting how this was supposed to look to the designers that came up
>with the concept.
>Same goes for any Peugeuot as well. Because this isn't about $$value I
>want to know what you members think about this concept. If this was your
>bike, how would you want it to look?
>Keith Anderson
>Keith Anderson Cycles
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