Re: [CR] '74 Motobecane Grand Record repaint

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Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 12:20:17 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] '74 Motobecane Grand Record repaint

Hi-   I have an '82 Peugeot PF60, a sport touring bike that was built with Vitus 181 and Bocama lugs. It was given to me last year by the owner of a shop I worked at who said "get that French crap outta's yours!" I love the way it rides and handles, so much so that I am thoroughly attached to it. It's become my brevet bike. The "workmanship" on it though is pretty marginal with some pretty sloppy brazing and horrendous paint that makes a Grand Record look like high art. If I were to consider a respray I would have a good basic finish put on the thing, possibly without decals. No need to go any farther. I really love French bikes!

Jeff Chrystler South Bend, Indiana

Keith Anderson Cycles wrote:
>Esteemed list members,
>I am just wrapping up on a Motobecane Grand record refinish. I realize
>that this can open a can of worms, but I am willing to take my chances
>(and lumps if need be).
>This is my interpretation of what this bike could have looked like had
>it not been a (French) production bike. This is a "sentimental"
>refinish, and I want my customer to love it more than he ever has. I
>could never in good conscience make this bike look the way it did new. I
>am actually surprised at how well the new lug lining went on.
>So, this isn't just about me showing off, but more about my position of
>interpreting how this was supposed to look to the designers that came up
>with the concept.
>Same goes for any Peugeuot as well. Because this isn't about $$value I
>want to know what you members think about this concept. If this was your
>bike, how would you want it to look?