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Looks pretty good, nice gold pin striping and lug lining work. Are you going to put a Motobecane logo sticker on the seat tube and badge on the head tube?

Custom built and premium marque frames can work with flawless high polish paint jobs but I prefer the "off the showroom floor" look on production model bikes.

One comment, 1974 Moto Grand Records had Reynold 531 main tubes, forks and stays. The sticker on your paint job is the older pre 1974 style and for a frame with only the 3 main tubes Reynolds 531. Also Grand Records had Reynolds 531 decals on the fork blades.

I have three 1974 Motobecanes, a Le Champion and 2 Grand Jubiles. They all have the later style seat tube decals with the Reynolds address in a gold space at the bottom like the ones in the link below. Same thing with most other 1974 and later Reynolds tubing Motobecanes that I've seen.

I've seen a number of mid 70s French bikes with the older style Reynolds 531 fork decals without the gold address space. It may be that the older decals take up less space at the top of the fork blade or... that's what the builders had in stock.

BTW, I'd admired the black and red Grand Records since the early 70s. Over the past few years I've lost out on every eBay auction that I bid on for one of these bikes. Last year I lucked out and scored a rare 1971 black and red Le Champion (next model up) with Prugant lugs instead of Nervex lugs.

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

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Esteemed list members, I am just wrapping up on a Motobecane Grand record refinish. I realize that this can open a can of worms, but I am willing to take my chances (and lumps if need be). This is my interpretation of what this bike could have looked like had it not been a (French) production bike. This is a "sentimental" refinish, and I want my customer to love it more than he ever has. I could never in good conscience make this bike look the way it did new. I am actually surprised at how well the new lug lining went on. So, this isn't just about me showing off, but more about my position of interpreting how this was supposed to look to the designers that came up with the concept. Same goes for any Peugeuot as well. Because this isn't about $$value I want to know what you members think about this concept. If this was your bike, how would you want it to look? Cheers, Keith

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