Re: [CR] Weinmann "X" type brake pads - in RED ?

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I bought a set of Weinmann Carrera brakes in early 1975. They were the first X-Block pads I'd seen and had a black rubber compound. They stopped better than most of the other brake pads available at the time, especially when wet.

Later that year or maybe in 1976 replacement red X-Block pads started showing up. They weren't readily available as there were still lots 4 square pads plus even some of the bump style pads in the wholesale parts pipeline.

I always thought that the black X-Blocks stopped a little better but that gets into the Kool Stop red or black debate.

I'm still running those original Carrera brakes on probably the 5th different bike, currently a 1974 Motobecane Grand Jubile. The original pads don't stop as well as when they were new 34 years ago but they still work OK.

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

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Weinmann pads with four square sections as well as 6 and 7 bumps in red compound are familiar to me. But, this was a big surprise to see.

Here is a photo from a current eBay auction [item # 350184424789]:

I've never seen this style available in the red rubber version before.

These are clearly molded with an early (1975) date designation. I wonder how long the red pads were actually produced?

Here is an informal chronology showing some examples of the Weinmann "X" type pads which I own. Weinmann very slowly, and only very slightly, evolved the shape of these pads during more than 25 years in production. Shown in this photo are the oldest on the left, newest on the right...