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Hi Robert, Should that read '10mm drop'? [you wrote 10 cm].......and actually its the other way round, 66 [Merckx] bars are the deeper of the two [63].

No one has mentioned the 'other' logo......its not the 'flying C as in it has CINELLI stamped both sides........this logo is hard to describe, but I think it has on the RH side a logo that looks a bit like a sun dial, or a wheel with diamond spokes?........I have a couple of pair, one in # 64 Giro D Italia [before they ruined the shape!!] and one pair in # 66...........question is, which came first, this logo or the more familular 'flying C'?

Cheers Kevin Sayles
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Blame it on my withering eye sight (...perhaps I ought seek reading glasses) in conjunction with the itty, bitty, little, fine print in one of those Cinelli catalogs, but I was incorrect in my earlier accounting ... AND ... I want to update the record for posterity as follows:

Wayne is pretty much "on target" with his assessment regarding vintage Cinelli bar widths. I guess that I would like to interject for the record a tad more specificity with respect to said measurements so that there is less room for ambiguity in the future when this subject matter invariably resurfaces once again (...i.e. check the archives in the future):

-----> pre 1979 Cino Cinelli era (...i.e. crested logo - NOT flying "C")

model 63 - sizes: 38 / 40 model 64 - sizes: 38 / 40 model 65 - sizes: 38 / 40 model 66 - sizes: 38 / 40 / 42 model 67 - sizes: 38

-----> post 1978 A.L. Columbo / Columbus era (...i.e. flying "C" logo -----> through the mid 1980's - NOT the earlier crested logo)

model 63 - Campione del Mondo - sizes: 38 / 40 model 64 - Giro d'Italia - sizes: 38 / 40 model 65 - Criterium - sizes: 38 / 40 model 66 - Campione del Mondo - sizes: 38 / 40 / 42 model 67 - Pista - sizes: 39

All of the above data points were culled directly from original Cinelli catalog and/or brochure publications. It is perhaps worthy to note that only the model 66 version of the Campione del Mondo was made available prior to the mid 1980's in the larger 42 cm sizing (...I happen to have a pre 1979 crested logo 66 / 42 designated for use on my 1977 Peugeot PY-10/CP Thevenet TdF replica). And in response to an "OFF LIST" question I received, the difference between the model 63 and 66 handlebars which are both given the Campione del Mondo "name" designation would be the size of the drop where the model 63 is 10 cm deeper than its model 66 counterpart. Finally, Cinelli uses the traditional C-t-C measurement standard for all of their handlebars as opposed to the O-t-O methodology employed by 3ttt - which means that one need take care whenever comparing widths stipulated by those two respective manufacturers.

Robert "I see said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw" Broderick ...the "Frozen Flatlands" of South Dakota Sioux Falls, USA

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I had a discussion about this with someone in the past few days, so I just pulled my Cinelli catalogs (still organizing and filing all this valuable stuff from the MPI acquisition), and here's what I've found.

An earlier catalog lists model 63, 64, 65, 66 & 67, and only in widths of 38, 39, 40 & 42 (c-c). A slightly later catalog adds a 44 width. No mention of 46. This sort of validates my somewhat sketchy memory. -- Wayne Bingham Lovettsville, Virginia USA

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> We may have talked about this in past years, I can't recall ?but was?there such an animal as 46 Cinellis in this era? I was around then, selling them and I sure do not recall such an option. If they existed it certainly was an extremely rare item back then, imagine trying to find a set now! Ouch!
> Dale
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> Dear CR Listers,
> Please let me know if any of you have such an orphan or where I might find
> one. Condition is important.
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