Re: [CR] Now, Universal hoods & older Cinellis...

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Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 19:45:39 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Now, Universal hoods & older Cinellis...


I'm trying to restore a '63 Cinelli and need some Universal brake hood rubber (hint, hint).

Thanks, Eric Meddaugh San Carlos, CA usa

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Bill Roberts made a generous offer, but I'll quibble on a detail: <snip>

"Additionally, I will volunteer my NOS Universal hoods of the old style as a moulding pattern, should Robbie decide to tool up for making repro Universal hoods. While less popular than Campy hoods, I do believe there is enough of a market for these out there, that the investment would be worthwhile. I also have the two different styles of NOS 'rings' and 'nipples', which go on the adjuster barrels of the Universal levers. For all those pre-69 Cinelli's and other Italian bikes, Universal are the only levers that will do. Despite thier lower leverage ratio." +++++++++++++ I'd just note that a full Altenberger Cinelli showed up at the Greensboro Cirque a couple of years, so some came with non-Italian brakes. And Bill, you're not gonna cut any slack for Balilla? Had some lovely lever hoods, eh?

harvey sachs
mcLean VA