[CR] Rossin became basso?

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Subject: [CR] Rossin became basso?

<<?I just recently learned that Rossin eventually became Basso. >>

Interesting... Meaning Basso bought out or absorbed Rossin? Because they both existed seperately for some years...



Dale Brown

Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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Hah! Greg, good point.? I think it got derailed there but great addition.? I just recently learned that Rossin eventually became Basso.? As for the Rossin branded lugs and BB shells, I do agree with Sterling that I think it's a case of a builder using what parts were immediately available.? It sounds nice that way, no?


John Cerasulo

Brooklyn, NY

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Hi All,

Both Rossin and Basso built Pogliaghi frames, but I'm not sure which? was first. My best memory says that it was first Rossin, then Basso.? But my best memory is only, er, um, what were we talking about?

Greg Overton wait, who am I? Denver, Co area of the USA

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> Subject: Re: [CR] Rossin tubing? (just tubing)
>> John Cerasulo said: "... I have seen Rossin stamped lugs on a Pogliaghi
> road
>> frame.? Interesting decal on that frame, I have no idea where it would
> come
>> from nor does it make any sense that the "Rossin" entity would ever supply
>> re-branded Columbus tubing to another frame manufacturer (how could that
>> happen?).? ...."
> I have no answer about Rossin branded tubing but my understanding is that
> Rossin took up the manufacture of Pogliaghi frames (bought the manufacturing
> rights to the name).
> Hugh Enox
> La Honda, California, USA