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Not to speak for Peter or any other painters; but most of us have paint formulas that are very close to the original colors for early Masis and Cinellis, amongst others. They look reasonably correct in color and grain structure of the metallic flakes. But when used as a touch up for an original paint job, since the is a WIDE range of possible shades due to age or other factors that prevent it from being an undetectable match for the original paint. And if the touch up is done with a brush, there there's very little chance of making the chip or whatever disappear. The spot is obvious. If attempting to do an air brush touch-up the situation isn't a whole lot different; and then there's the blending of the areas to deal with. I say it's best to take part of the frame to an automotive paint store and try to get close that way. There are too many variations in color to go by a formula for a repaint when seeking a touch-up. Doing touch up of colors that are layered (flamboyant, pearl, or candy apple colors) complicate the process in a huge way.

One of the difficulties in matching colors is that paints are made differently in Europe than in the States. Doing touch-ups that a professional with high standards is happy with is a real pain in the ass. Also very time consuming also. Best to do the touch up yourself in my opinion.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA I've washed my hands of touch-ups since there is only one of me, and it becomes a serious waste of time under those circumstances.

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Based on your success with the silver, I'd like to ask you a related question. I have a 1980 Masi painted in the light blue metallic color. This color can be seen on the CR Masi USA page,, on Scott Ramsay's bike.

The question is, have you ever matched this color, and if so, what was the match?

> Mark,
> I don't bill myself as the end all restoration expert, but I've used the
> Alpha color code AR727 for Cinelli's. I don't know if this is the same code
> as Phil was refering to? This color would probably be pretty close to the
> Masi...
> But when I do Masi silver I use a Fiat/Lancia color code 678, Dupont # is
> 44517- (other paint brands will use their own #.)
> The color match was pretty spot on to the Masi's I tested it on, and then
> repainted.
> Other painter's may have their own special matching #s, maybe they'll chime
> in.
> Hope this helps,
> peter weigle
> lyme, ct.
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