Re: [CR] Bianchi speciallissima integrated headest

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From: "Bret Van Horn" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 13:42:10 -0700
To: kevin sayles <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Bianchi speciallissima integrated headest

My '64 Team Issue headset, which looks like this:

...requires an old set of VAR pin pliers ( I've had a couple people tell me that Harbor Frieght carries a similar plier, but I did not find it at my local Harbor Frieght.

Subsequently, I took it to a local guy from the list here (the esteemed David Feldman), who has the hard-to-find VAR tool, to have the headset removed. Took him a week of dripping Kroil down the headset to get it free, but once he did, I believe he said he saw some Campy markings inside.

Up until that point, I'd been told it was a Bianchi headset.

Of course, I know very little of these things (I have yet a lot to learn), but that's what I know. I imagine many others will chime in with much more helpful information!

Bret Van Horn Washougal, WA USA

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 11:16 AM, kevin sayles <>wrote:
> Bianchi fans out there........what exactly is the type of headset used on
> these it a Campag based headset, or is it exclusive to
> would one go about replacing bearing races etc..?
> Have to say that, as a framebuilder who usually rides his own frames [not
> because I don't want to try anyone elses frame] that if I were in a position
> to buy one of these Bianchi Specialisima frames, with the integrated headet
> and naturally in 'Celeste' I would do so.......guess this sort of suggests
> that this is 'my favourite period frame'
> cheers
> Kevin Sayles
> Bridgwater Somerset UK