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Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 09:03:31 -0700
From: "paul grens" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Box 'o parts

Hey all,

Cleaning out the parts bins here and I found a few items that might be of interest to the list. Nothing too fancy here and some of the bits would be good for parts only. I'd prefer to sell the whole box for $50 + whatever shipping costs.

One set of Weinmann 610 Vainqueur 999 center pull calipers (f & r) from an early '70s Raleigh Competition. They include straddle cables, red Weinmann pads, all washers and nuts and the neat little enclosed yokes. Condition is good with some pitting on the chrome. Weinmann levers with quick release are also included and still have the plastic cable nubs at the top of the levers. Would make nice "rider" brakes.

One Weinmann faux lugged stem with the alloy neck and steel stem, also from an early '70s Raleigh. Reach is 70mm and is in good condition but with some chrome pitting. Also good for a "rider".

One Campagnolo down tube shifter cable guide. Some pitting and chrome stress from removal, bolt is a little crusty. I believe this is off an early '70s Paramount.

One Mafac "Depose" seatclamp brake cable guide/stop. Some flaring from the seatpost binder bolt and light scraping, but not rusty.

One set of Shimano 600 arabesque derailleurs (f & r). The rear seems to be fine, though I never got around to using these because...the front has seized limit screws (non-matching, to boot) from it's former butcher, er, I mean owner. I gave it a shot, but my plastic screw driver started to spin in the handle, so I'd say this one is best for parts. The cage and clamp are pretty nice and an extra pinch bolt always comes in handy.

And last but not least, one set of Nervar chainrings that appear to be 122BCD (42/52t). I had originally guessed 128, but the distance between the holes is about 72mm. These were going to be for my drillium experiment but I no longer have any cranks to use them on so I figure I'll practice on some old 130BCD rings instead. At any rate, they are in well-used condition, nothing fancy, they don't even have recesses for the chainring bolts, but they could make a nice set of beater rings for your Stronglight 93s (if I have my facts straight, that is) or a good candidate for a drillium experiment.

Pics can be seen here:

and here is a shorter link:

Shipping should be around $10-$15 in the continental U.S., but if you are not in a rush, we can try Parcel Post and get it as cheap as possible. All items will be carefully packed.

Please contact me off list at Interest in the entire box will be given first consideration.


Paul Grens
Chicago, Illinois