Re: [CR] Matching Campy date-of-manufacture numbers

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Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 11:01:09 -0700
From: "Kurt Sperry" <>
To: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Matching Campy date-of-manufacture numbers

2009/10/8 Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>:
> Well, being an infamous contrarian, I've long maintained the devotees of Campy, as well as of Masi, Pogliaghi, and DeRosa often carry their enthusiasm to cult-like lengths.  (Although I admittedly own LOTS of Campy stuff and even an early 80's Masi Prestige).  One thing I've alway thought rather anal is the obsession with date codes on Campy components.  Stronglight, and with few exceptions, the French manufacturers in general, did not stamp date codes, for which I'm always grateful.  I mean, it's hard enough assembling period correct components to restore a bike without worrying if the date codes match.  Much better not to have them.
> About the only virtue I can see for date codes is that when there is not a comprehensible code on a frame to date it, one can sometimes date the bike from the date on the Campy bits.  But even that is complicated by the difficulty of knowing for certain if a component is original, the fact that some early Campy NR parts were not dated, and the fact that a part could sit in inventory a year or two before being installed on a frame, especially in big operations like Raleigh or Schwinn.  Thank God for the French lack of the codes.  Ignorance is bliss.


I think perhaps Simplex date coded some of their SLJ-type rear derailleurs, although who knows what these stamps really mean?

Kurt Sperry
Bellingham, Washington