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Peter, before getting your panties in a wad, you may have "discovered" this Masi and outed it today, but many of us discussed it here on the list about a week ago. ?Here is a link to the other posts:

George may or may not have been referring to your post or to the previous discussion. ?Regardless, his comment about trolling is good advice. ?Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA

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>On Thu, 8 Oct 2009 13:17:14 -0400 George Hollenberg <> wrote.
>As for "trolling" eBay, either in Italy or anywhere else, one does so at
>one's own peril. While you may think you've made a catch, you're the one
>that's been caught.
>George Hollenberg MD

Well wait a darned second, George. I merely posted this as "it might be of interest". And not even to me. Outing an eBay auction be it good, bad or indifferent is not the same as endorsing it, shilling for it or otherwise being in rapture over it or the seller. As for this being a "fake" etc., I might suggest you review the recent thread on the Carlton before asserting it is. Or isn't. In the end, they're all just bloody bicycles and in future I'll keep my "trolling" to myself, thanks very much

Peter Kohler
Washington DC USA