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Mike and Ray,

The Bianchi paint color varies a bit no matter what period you are talking about up until the "modern" era. Most of us have the color matched and formulated in various paint brands to match something on hand. After than, it either goes on like it is or can be adjusted to some degree. The main problem is that what the owner of the bike has in their minds eye may not be what the painter envisions; depending on how ridiculously fussy the client is. I have an issue like this I'm working on as we speak.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA A Bianchi is whatever color it is, as long as it looks like a Bianchi.

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Call Ed Litton if no one responds. He should know as that marque is his specialty.

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> For a 70s Bianchi - If anybody has a recommendation I will
> appreciate it.
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