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Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 12:01:29 -0700
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
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Nice bike, Wayne. No shot of the underside of the steerer, but all the other Cuevas signatures are there. Biggest difference to mine, in terms of details, is mine does not have the cutout windows in the lugs.

Interesting this one, like mine, is 531 SL, which I believe was a fairly short-lived tubeset, at least by that name. Must have been a favorite of Francisco's.

BTW does anyone here own, or even have photos of, a bike that Cuevas built during his years in Argentina, or for that matter during his years in his native Spain, before moving to Argentina? Also, how would one identify a Paris Sport frame as built by Cuevas, as opposed to Limongi or someone else?

BTW, I have a Chuck Schmidt repro of a 1982 catalog from Zeus Cyclery Corp. of Rockville Centre, NY, which I believe was the primary US importer of Zeus at the time. In addition to Zeus and Roto components and Zeus framesets and complete bikes, they offer Cuevas framesets, including the following. Zeus Cyclery was an importer/distributor so prices are WHOLESALE:

Cuevas Custom (Reynolds 753) $600 Cuevas Custom (Reynolds 531 SL) $450 Cuevas Super Corsa (Reynolds 531) $300 Cuevas Super Corsa (Columbus SL) $275 Cuevas Tandem (Reynolds) $900


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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\r?\n> Just thought I'd add another batch of

\r?\n> Cuevas photos to this

\r?\n> discussion.  The Cuevas pictured here was likely built

\r?\n> in '78, and was

\r?\n> a custom build for a woman, according to the info I got

\r?\n> from Mr.

\r?\n> Pinto, which is where I found the bike.  Interesting

\r?\n> approach to

\r?\n> building a small frame with 700c wheels.  This bike

\r?\n> was for sale, and

\r?\n> I posted it to the CR list about a year ago.  I say

\r?\n> "was" because

\r?\n> while my granddaughter was working for me at MPI over the

\r?\n> summer, she

\r?\n> took a fancy to the bike, and it actually fits her really

\r?\n> well since

\r?\n> she has short legs and a long torso.  She plans on

\r?\n> coming back and

\r?\n> working again next summer, so I'll set it up for her to

\r?\n> ride then.




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\r?\n> Wayne Bingham

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