Re: [CR] Help with 531 decal on 1970 Schwinn Paramount (Ed Granger)

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Subject: Re: [CR] Help with 531 decal on 1970 Schwinn Paramount (Ed Granger)

I recall seeing a version of the 531 decal Jerry described - it may have been in a pre-1974 edition of Eugene Sloane's book. 

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From: <> Subject: [CR] Help with 531 decal on 1970 Schwinn Paramount (Ed Granger) To: Date: Monday, October 12, 2009, 7:47 PM


I've researched this a bit before, and did so a bit again following your query. I'm pretty sure the "special" decal used on many Schwinns (and also Raleighs) with the stars was not yet in use in 1970. So I concur with your sense that the "Ti" bit is inappropriate, but I also believe the "stars" and horizontal "531" are wrong as well (and hence trimming the decal may not solve your issue).

Ed Granger Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Quote:_____________________________________________________________________________ The 531 decal is the version used by Schwinn, and occasionally perhaps a couple of other builders, with the "531" horizonal and flanked by stars, and the wording revised to make it clearer that only the maintubes, not the forks and stays, are butted.  Rather obvious, but evidently needed to satisfy Schwinn's lawyers.  This version is included here on the CR site:

HOWEVER, the 531 decal supplied also has the panel on the bottom referring to TI Reynolds, which I thought did not appear until the mid/late 70's.  Am I correct about this?  Waterford is trying to cover several years of similar Paramount graphics here, and perhaps this decal would be correct for mid 70's Paramounts with otherwise similar decals, but I'm thinking the TI Reynolds panel should not be on a 1970.  It looks like the TI panel could be trimmed off leaving the remainder more or less the correct shape for the earlier Schwinn version of the 531 decal.  I'm inclined to do that unless advised otherwise.  Opinions?


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