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Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 12:33:45 -0700
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Nothing wrong with fixie! Many will call Campagnolo CAMPY, Belgiums and the Dutch will call it CAMPA! Go with the flow and regain some of your youth! For sure we are not getting any younger, for sures we getting older and perhaps slower. But then again I did smoke a few carbon guys off the roadway. They rolled up on me talking some BIG TIME smack! I then proceeded to go thruogh the gears and I was off! Saw 2 more in the distance and the hunt was on, off to snatch up these 2 rabbits! Bagged them in no time.

Why can't you find some of these COLNAGOs and De Rosas, look elsewhere, perhaps the curb! One here found a CINELLI on the curb! Just down the street>>>>>>>>>>>>2 blocks down, one guy cought an old lady putting out 2 bikes to the curb 1X BOB JACKSON - 1 - VINER both were equipped 100% CAMPAGNOLO NUOVO RECORD and SUPER RECORD. They both were from 73 and were in excellent condition. The old lady said, we have no use for these bike anymore. These are bikes from normal people, not from the SUPER RICH! I can't believe I missed out on the 2 bikes. One customer just got a MASI NUOVO STRADA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>for $ 175.00, GREAT FIND, it was a complete bike. One other found a LEGNANO in the attic of the house that they just moved into, full Campagnolo.

One of my EUROPEAN friends just found us 15 BRAND SPANKING new DUTCH MADE Gazelle CHAMPION MONDIAL AA 531 frameset. Maybe you'll need to look outside of the country. My friends company drivers are always looking out for old stuff for us.

BC Baron and the gang..........Going with the flow. Cafe de Velo Santa Paula. THE BIKE STAND Santa Barbara Ca.
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> Subject: [CR] fixie fad
> Personally, I think the word "fixie" is stoopid. Fixed gear is what I
> grew up with. Fixed is......well, my poor cat is fixed.
> Aside from that, it doesn't bother me that some of the younger set are
> converting road bikes to fixed gear, but I do admit to surprise at the
> number of "vintage" frames I see converted. Why can't I find those
> cool old Colnagos and De Rosas?
> Love my brake free (off topic) Scorcher!
> Ted, what do you think of all this nonsense?
> Jay Sexton
> Sebastopol, CA