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The position and "531" style on my '72 Paramount is exactly the same!

Bill Heath Austin, TX

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I've taken some photos of my 1972 all-chrome Pramount P-13 and posted on Wool Jersey.

I'd pulled this one out of storage. It has the same decal set as the 1970 I'm currrently building up, so I was using it as a model for correct placement of decals on the 1970. This bike is nearly all original. I think the only things I changed wewre cables (maybe not even the housings), toestraps, and bartape. Also, I may have changed the Regina Oro FW to one suiting my preferred gearing and maybe the small chainring likewise, and the bottle and cage were added.

Note the original shop decal from San Jose, CA and below it the Campy decal just above the BB. This Campy decal is typical on early 70's Paramounts. It is harder to find than the larger one with fewer colors on the globe. Note that the old-style 531 decal is NOT the Schwinn-specifc version, and I'm pretty sure this decal is original. Schwinn does not seem to have used the "Schwinn" version of the 531 decal with any great consistency.

Also note the quote marks or "triangles" flanking the numerals 531. There was some discussion offlist about these. The 531 seems to appear in quotes on some older decals but not others. Seems to vary from year to year and between English and French versions.

Note the Campy SL pedals. These appear on Paramount P-13 in the very early 70's, quite soon after their 1971 introduction. Not sure if this was the case for the touring Paramount, however.

I've replaced the original gum brake hoods with white C-Record era (probably Victory) ones that don't deteriorate as quickly. I have several pairs of Robbie's gum repros, but with my terrible experience with NOS Zeus gum hoods splitting just sitting in storage for one year, I'm a little hesitant to mount the gum Campy repros.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA