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Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 12:00:24 -0700
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The Superior was one of the high end models released before WWII, about 1938 or so. For many years it was second to Paramount in the Schwinn lineup. The classic Superior was fillet-brazed from Chrome Moly tubing. These lasted until about 1963 (I have a 1962). The model then disappeared as the Super Sport, then the Sports Tourer, both fillet-brazed CroMo, became the #2 Schwinn model. In the mid 70's, Schwinn resurrected the Superior name, basically renaming the Sports Tourer, but the reborn Superior was still fillet-brazed CroMo. This lasted only a couple of years until circa 1979, when the classic Chicago-made fillet-brazed CroMo Schwinn models were discontinued.

In about 1980, Schwinn terminated Paramount production at Chicago, to resume it a couple of years later at Waterford, WI. Meantime, they used up the inventory of 531 Paramount tubesets, lugs and DO's by producing a lugged 531 model under the Superior name. The bike had Campy Nuovo Gran Sport rather than Nuovo/Super Record, but the frame was essentially the same as the prior year Paramount, causing this bike to be nicknamed "baby Paramount". I think these were made only one or maybe two years.

The Superior name has been recycled a couple of times since, sometimes on Japanese frames. If there was a Superior in 1983, it was probably Japanese made. Most fans of the Schwinn fillet-brazed bikes consider the last "real" Superior to be 1979.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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\r?\n> Hi all,

\r?\n> I was searching around a bit for information on the schwinn

\r?\n> Superior model.

\r?\n> Seems like it was around through 83, and in 84 a Columbus

\r?\n> tubed model called Peloton seemed to replace it's place in

\r?\n> the lineup.


\r?\n> Is it true the Superior models were built in the same shop

\r?\n> where the Paramounts were ?

\r?\n> Any thoughts on their ride ??

\r?\n> (Peloton, seems, was a Japanese machine built frame bike)


\r?\n> Thanks,

\r?\n> Rich Pinder

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