Re: [CR] Source for new 40 hole rims

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From: "Ben Kamenjas" <>
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Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 11:43:36 +1100
Subject: Re: [CR] Source for new 40 hole rims

Between a few collectors I know here in Sydney and my own stash of hubs I would easily snare 20 sets of 32/40 rims of a classic looking (discrete logo'd) 700c clincher rim.

I know they'll come ... it was all doom and gloom about freewheels a few years ago. Same goes for Campy brake hoods. Strong demand, limited supply, higher prices and now they're being manufactured again by IRD. The first manufacturer with confidence will do Ok from offering 40 holes rims but the problem is 32/40 is for want of a better word a "Brit thing" so they'd best consider the cost of shipping them if they're a US based company as they'll get plenty of enquiries from those who acquired such Anglophilic cycling affectations.

Velocity have a few 40 hole offerings including the Dyad which is a great rim but they're 24mm wide which can limit the use for some and classic square section they are not.

I used to look askew this 32/40 spoke combination malarky but as I get wiser it does make more sense. My wisdom coincides with getting older/ fatter too ;)


Ben Kamenjas Sydney, Australia

> Hello all,
> I too was searching for a couple of 40H rims, and eventually managed
> to find a couple of MA2s in that drilling. In my search I sent off
> an email to Chris at Velo Orange asking about the prospect of a 40H
> box section rim. I didn't get a direct reply, but I remember seeing
> a reply to the same query saying that they would need to make a
> minimum order of 200 rims. That's a lot of rims, especially when
> they tend only to be sold one per bike for a 32/40 configuration. I
> agree with Tom that there are not that many hubs with 40H; I just
> have an old Sturmey hub, and a Maxi Car rear Hi/Low hub in that
> configuration.
> It's a shame. All considered, 40/32 is a good combination - Sheldon
> Brown said that if you have the same number of spokes on your front
> wheel as your back then you've got too many spokes. Perhaps the
> 36/36 combination makes sense if you are loading weight on the front
> of your bike as in the French style.
> Best wishes, Mark
> Mark Lawrence
> Oxford
> United Kingdom
>> Good morning all.
>> I have been following the thread about 40 hole rims, and as always
>> I am impressed with this groups enthusiasm for our subject.
>> However, we should take a moment to consider the sources of 40 hole
>> hubs. The only manufactures of 40 hole hubs in the spacing we
>> would need are Phil Wood and White Industries, and while both of
>> these companies make excellent hubs, they are expensive and off
>> topic.
>> Before asking Jan Heine or Velo Orange to invest the considerable
>> amounts of time and money it takes to bring a new product to
>> market, we need to be shour that we have considered all the
>> possibilities and problems, and are committed to buying these
>> rims. Remember that these are small companies with limited
>> recourses, and can't have expensive unsold stock gathering dust in
>> the back rooms.
>> Nice Sunday for a ride.
>> Tom Harriman.
>> San Francisco, Ca.