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Subject: [CR] Off Topic-But very funny.

Good Evening. Having just read the emails about "is this fair" I got a good laugh out of this. I hope it does the same for all of you.

Tom Harriman.

San Francisco, Ca

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We have a great collection of cartoons called "Distracted Driving" LOOK!

Driven To Distraction by Tom Purcell - Comment on the column

"It wasn't my fault. I glanced at my text message for only a second when the car in front of me hit me."

"How could the car in front of you hit you?"

"The idiot stopped to let a dog cross the street - and dented my front bumper with his rear bumper. Yet the cops wrote me up for texting while driving!"

"You speak of a spate of new distracted-driver laws that are emerging across America. The problem has become so pervasive, the federal government conducted a National Distracted Drivers Summit a few weeks ago."

"A summit for distracted driving?"

"Yes, and with good reason. Last year, some 6,000 people were killed - and 515,000 injured - because of accidents caused by distracted drivers."


"The fact is people are not good at multitasking while driving. Carnegie Mellon University found that talking on a cell phone reduces activity in the brain's parietal ... READ MORE

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