Re: [CR] Looking for tubular rim cement that stays tacky

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Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 22:13:46 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Looking for tubular rim cement that stays tacky


In the mid 70s about a third of the bikes we sold were equipped with sewups. We also sold a lot of our customers who bought bikes with clinchers a second set of wheels with tubular tires.

Some tubular equipped bikes came with Velox Jantex rim tape. I never tried the stuff myself but everyone I ever talked to said "throw the stuff away" - which we did. I don't know whether it was old and lost some of it's adhesion or just wasn't that good to begin with. Gitanes came with either Velox Jantex tape or a tube of Tubasti rim cement.

The Bertins we sold came with a tube of Pastali rim cement, We started importing Pastali because it worked really well and there wasn't a convenient source for the stuff in the US.

Last year I started riding sewups again after using only clinchers for many years. I have about half dozen bikes with tubulars. I've been experimenting with several different brands of rim cement to find one that works as well as the old Pastali I use to use.

In the mean time I've been carrying a roll of Velox rim tape just in case.

This spring I tried some of the Tufo Extreme tape that comes in the orange box. I was very pleased with how easy it went on. I experienced an unrelated base tape separation problem on both tires that I mounted with Tufo Extreme tape. I had to use a clincher tire tool to get the separation started when I removed those defective tires.

I spoke with someone at Tufo about removing the old tape from the rims. They told me that it should come off easy with a petroleum based solvent but that if it was just an even layer of the bottom half of the double sided tape that I could put new Tufo tape over top of it.

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

hfbirm wrote:
> RE: Tubular tape. Since TUFO is so proud of their tape, has anyone
> ever tried some "generic/everyday" (read: cheaper) double-sided
> alternatives? I was specifically thinking about Gorilla Tape, having
> come across a narrow width offering online whilst looking for something
> else yesterday. I do like how their glue fixes my chairs, but I've
> never picked up a roll of their tape. Too sticky - like FasTack, or
> not enough?
> Just call me a Darwin Award candidate.
> Jim Carter
> Bham, AL
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> *From:* verktyg <>
> I'm looking for some tubular rim cement that remains tacky enough to
> change tires on the road and not have to worry about the tire coming off.
> I used to use Pastali back in the 70s and 80s. I could change a recently
> mounted tire and Pastali was usually tacky enough that I didn't have to
> re-glue it.
> Earlier this year I pulled about 4 old tires off that I'd glued with
> Pastali in the late 70s. It was still soft and almost tacky plus held
> very well after 30 years!
> I've tried Vitoria, Continental and the new Pastali which is not the
> same as the old stuff.
> It seems that current rim cements are not designed to remain sticky once
> a tire is removed and require re-gluing which isn't convenient on the road.
> Any recommendations?
> Chas. Colerich
> Oakland, CA USA