Re: [CR] Snapshots - National Cycling Collection - Llandrindod, Wales

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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 09:03:03 +0200
From: "M-gineering" <>
To: Classic Rendezvous <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Snapshots - National Cycling Collection - Llandrindod, Wales

Robert Troy wrote:
> List,
> I just returned from a quick trip to the UK and was fortunate enough
> to have a friend run me down to Wales for a quick surprise visit to
> the National Cycling Collection in Llandrindod. It's a collection of
> about 250 bicycles, ranging from 1819 to nearly current. I know that
> this museum has been mentioned on the list before, but figured that
> I'd post a link to some snapshots I grabbed as I raced through the
> rooms. My apologies in advance for the poor quality; VERY dim
> lighting, cramped layout, a middle of the road borrowed point and
> shoot camera, amateur skills, and hurried conditions conspired to
> produce less than desirable results.

Nice show but very dim lightning? You haven't been to St Etienne obviously, where the French redefine the standard, with a dark cave, black bicycles, all lighting from behind the object and a few spotlights to shine in your eyes. -- mvg

Marten Gerritsen
Kiel Windeweer