Re: [CR] Was: repair question. Now: "Stud gun"?

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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 22:02:03 +0200
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Subject: Re: [CR] Was: repair question. Now: "Stud gun"? wrote:
> John wrot4e:
> << ...give the guy 30 bucks to use a stud gun and properly pull the dent out. Emphasize to him to hold the tube steady around the dent because you don't want a bow in your tube. The stud gun is wonder. >>
> John:
> Tell us about this tool. It's a new one to me...
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, North Carolina USA

It's a spotwelder which welds nails to the surface. With a slidehammer you can pull on the nails.

You could also use washers brazed on their edge

-- mvg

Marten Gerritsen
Kiel Windeweer