[CR] Photos of all-chrome 1970 Touring Paramount

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Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 14:52:46 -0700
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <jerrymoos@sbcglobal.net>
To: <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR] Photos of all-chrome 1970 Touring Paramount

I've finished rebuilding my wife's 1970 all-chrome Touring Paramount, except for mudguards, racks, bags and lights. Photos are on Wool Jersey:


Nearly all original except for the Avocet Women's Touring II - she won't even consider the original Brooks Pro. Likewise the MKS Stream pedals as she likes to ride without toeclips.

Even kept the Campy Gran Turismo RD, AKA Grand Trashmo. It ain't good and it ain't pretty, but it is original. The original FW is a Regina Oro, 14-31, which I think was the widest range FW Regina made in 1970. The Campy NR FD shifts the Campy NR triple just fine - a lot better than the Grand Trashmo shifts the rear. I did change out the original Campy DT shifters for Campy barcons. Not sure what bar tape was original, but I always like to use Hunt-Wilde translucent bar tape on Schwinns, and I think the red looks good on chrome Paramounts.

Note the red lug lining. My all-chrome 1972 racing Paramount has the lugs lined in black instead. I also have a 1971, so I'll check that one to try to define when they stopped the red lining.

This bike came with Cinelli Giro bars, but the chromed steel stem pictured. Anyone know if this steel stem was OE in 1970 or who made it? My 1962 Superior has a chromed steel stem that look like a Titan, but my 71, 72 and 73 racing Paramounts all have Cinelli 1-A's.

The bike came with the original Campy hubs laced to too-new Mavic G 40 dark anodized 27 x 1/1/4 clincher rims, so I spent yesterday rebuilding the wheels shown with Weinmann model 116 27 x 1 1/4 alloy clicher rims with no eyelets. I think these should be period correct at least.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA