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A suggestion as to why the Turbos may be uncomfortable for you: they have a "high crown" or slightly rounded top in the rear.

The center of these saddles in the rear contact area is higher than the wider points where your sits bones contact. This can cause pressure in the tender center portion of your anatomy.

Like you say, A and B, the Turbos, Rolls and similar designs look reasonable but after a few miles become painful in my personal zones.

In the early 70s I tried maybe 20 different saddles including various Ideales and Unicanitors until I got hold of a Brooks Pro. It solved the problem. The B17 is a little to wide across the rear for me. It would be OK for upright riding but not on a road bike.

About 3 years ago I tried out a WTB Pure V saddle. It has a "whale tail" which is a nice wide flat area with dense padding which gives me support in the rear like a Brooks Pro. These saddles also have "love channels" - a V groove down the middle of the rear to prevent central contact. I use these on most of my OT bikes and Brooks Pros on the classics.

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

Thomas Adams wrote:
> Ooooh, take any recommendations on what saddle is "more comfortable" with several large pinches of salt. You might as well ask whether a good rider can detect a difference between tubular A and tubular B in a blind test.
> What's good for A is poison for B. Try to get some cheap used examples of specimens to try before you plunge big bucks into pristine examples. You'll usually find you develop a roster of saddles that work for you, and others you avoid like the plague. Just to show you how subjective it is, I like the bumpy Avocet Tourings that Jerry says are nearly identical to the Turbos, but can't sit on a Turbo for more than 20 miles. Why? Beats me. The other saddle I can't stand is the Profil aero. For other on topic saddles I like Concors and Brooks B-17s, but have trouble with Brooks Pros. And I'm always looking for Cinelli Unicanitor 3s and 4s, while others I know despise the Uni. Vive le difference.
> Tom Adams
> Manhattan, KS