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This from my friend, Jeff Phillips:

"Harry was one of the best of his era, the pink frame I had was one of the team frames that came with the HQ Mercury Team that came to Wisconsin in 1979.  I just sold it a few years ago to someone in California.  He is riding it now, so it isn't collecting dust anyway."

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Thanks Charles for bringing this to our attention. Sad news, but then we can't stay here forever....though the happy thing is many of Harry's frames will be around for a long time.

As I come from the North of England [originally] Harry Quinn's were very popular, specially with the Liverpool riders, Kirkby CC in particular, I'd say at one point the best GB road riders at the time [72 ~ 75] were riding Harry Quinn's, usually in red! Great riders such as Doug Daily, Kevin Apter, John Clewarth....and many more.

Kevin Sayles Bridgwater Somerset UK

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> Through a post to the FRAME list, I have learned that veteran framebuilder Harry Quinn died at the beginning of this month at age 92.
> Announcement here:
> Some remembrances and discussion here:
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