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The picture on their web page looks nothing like what I remember. What we used to get had only the # and 3M labelling/safety information on the tube in black lettering. So unless the packaging has changed (quite possible since its been 35 years or so), I'm not sure that is the same stuff. What color is the glue itself?

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> Jack:
> It was Fast-Tack. I think World Class Cycles has some
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> Back when I used tubular tires, in the early to mid 1970s, the independent
> bike shop in the town where I lived, used to sell us a 3M brand glue...# 151
> or 191? The stuff was yellow in color, in white tubes with black
> printing/labels. The tubes were somewhat larger diameter than the largest
> toothpaste tubes, but shorter in length. I have no idea what it was made
> for, or how they got onto selling it for that purpose, but it seemed to work
> quite well. One tube would last most of us for a few years worth of tire
> mounting/remounting. Once you had glued a few tires on a rim, you would have
> a built up base of tacky glue, that allowed tire changes on the road without
> worries of them coming off on their own, yet they could be rolled off
> sideways fairly easily when no air was in the tires.
> Unfortunately, that bike shop is long gone, the former owner is dead, and
> the mechanics who worked there when they were college students have long
> since moved on to other things. I've lost touch with all of them.
> Is anyone familiar with the stuff 3M made then to be able to find out what
> sort of glue this was, what it was made for, current availability, price,
> etc.?