Re: [CR] Are Mixtes historically non sex specific?

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Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 08:24:58 +0100
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Subject: Re: [CR] Are Mixtes historically non sex specific?

Jerome & Elizabeth Moos wrote:
> As to whether mixte frames were specifically women's frames, the
> story I have heard is that these were originally made for
> commuting/basic transportation in climates where both men and women
> would wear long winter coats and long raincoats, Holland, Belgium and
> northern France for instance. Thus they were used by both men and
> women. Having never lived in those countries, I can't say if that is
> an accurate account or not.

for here, highly unaccurate. It's a sporting ladies bike period. Old man with hip problems or young people with a paper round might have gotten a proper step through frame, but an inbetween frame served no purpose and only made you look silly. For catholic priests a special frameform existed, the 'Pastoorsfiets'. Basically a ladies bike with an extra tube to emphasise the manliness and cope with all the free lunches ;)

-- mvg

Marten Gerritsen
Kiel Windeweer