Re: [CR] MAFAC Cable Roller or My Mind Is On Vacation

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Subject: Re: [CR] MAFAC Cable Roller or My Mind Is On Vacation


Good explanation.

These Mafac pulleys were used on a lot of French tandems as well as mixtes. Hooking them up was a test of spatial relations and twisted logic. I remember threading the cables on a number of them but I couldn't recall how they went together. "Is it wrong...or just French" ;-)

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

Harvey Sachs wrote:
> This part allows a Mixte or dropped tube frame to be used with a
> centerpull brake mounted on a brake bridge on the (upper) seat stays.
> The seat binder bolt passes through the large holes on the left side
> (note the notch for the bump on the bolt head), and the "U" to the right
> rests against the seat tube (below the binder). The outer housing can be
> stopped there, with the inner cable passing through the hole, up around
> the roller, and back out to the centerpull yoke cable. A kludge. In my
> experience, the better solution was either to mount a center pull on the
> center stays, which allowed a wonderful straight cable run, or to use a
> sidepull with reversed action with a dropped frame. Heck, as little
> effect as the rear brake should have, who cares? :-(


> harvey sachs

> mcLean va