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Brother Listers,

I have been riding my mother's 1973-ish Peugeot UO-18 mixte for about 5 years with no ill effects whatsoever. It does have a "manly" Brooks Pro saddle on it, but I have much bigger things to worry about (global warming, health care, selling our house, how to build up my Allegro, what I am going to fix for dinner, the dust bunnies in the corners of our house, how fast the Oxalis is growing in our lawn, and how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Life is too short to worry about the effect(s) of riding a bicycle-- any bicycle--on one's masculinity or image.

And if you must worry about such things, try riding a Harley hog instead: you'll ruin your hearing but save all that anguish over your manhood....

Jon Spangler worrying about many other things besides masculinity quotients on mixtes in Alameda, CA USA

On Oct 29, 2009, at 3:04 AM, Amir wrote:
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> I can feel your concern from miles away so let me remind you of a few
> simple
> Rules for Manly Mixte Riding:
> 1. Only use in town or for commuting.
> Never take a mixte out on training rides (come on! you have
> lots of
> bikes to choose from)
> 2. Wear street clothes or a business suit when riding.
> (Better yet, borrow tweeds from your 3-speed friends and make a
> fashion
> statement)
> If you ride a mixte in tight fitting bike wear, you will be
> sending the
> wrong signals.
> 3. Wear street shoes or sneakers
> (NOT loud bike shoes ... unless you want to draw attention to
> yourself)
> 4. Mount & dismount as you would a regular bike.
> (this should be obvious)
> 5. If you wear a helmet, take it off immediately after dismounting.
> And put in in your basket (the basket should not have a flower
> pattern)
> 6. Don't wear earings!
> Not on your right ear and not on your left.
> (Too many baby boomers will get the wrong idea)
> Commuted safely a Peugeot mixte on-and-off for 35 years ... until
> the frame
> cracked.
> Amir Avitzur
> R"G Israel
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