[CR] Holy Grail Dating; Cinelli SC

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Subject: [CR] Holy Grail Dating; Cinelli SC

Great fun following CR efforts to decode eBay stuff.

Alleged 1968 Holy Grail has SN 5938. For reference, Cinelli SC SN 5237 is alive and well in Eugene Oregon with an original 1971 NR group hung on it, waiting for me to buy it, when I save up.

Is it safe to assume that SN 5237 was made before SN 5938; or is that too naive?

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this bike, just outed by Fred:


is nice enough, but it's been quite awhile since I've seen a more entertaining example of a seller doing some fishing.

That's an early/mid 70s Cinelli in, admittedly, very good original condition from what I can tell. Such bikes routinely sell for 3-4K on ebay and have for some years now. There is nothing different about this one to justify such a price.

But I give the seller points for trying. Times being what they are, I might try it myself.

Charles Andrews Los Angeles

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