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George- I'm on a parallel path, having just bought a Mink Blue and Silver 1974. You'll get no whining from me about non stock or off topic parts. Even when I had my 1976, back in the day, it was only stock for as long as it took to swap out the seat, wheels and bar tape.

One possible concern that I have with your bike is whether the stem has enough left in the fork. It looks real high and if it's period it's likely to not be too tall. About two and one half inches need to be in the steerer for safe fit.

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The second good bike I ever owned was a Raleigh Pro Mk.II which was the old metallic brown color. (How did they come to paint one of their top-of-the-line bikes that color?) I bought it from a student who hadn't ridden it much in 75 or 76. It was more comfortable on the road than my Frejus so I kind of finished out my racing career, such as it was, on that bike. I hung up my cleats and hairnet in the early 80's because my wife gave me some ultimatums about spending more time with the family and, to be honest, I counted it a major success when I finished a race with the main group of riders. But I liked the bike and continued to ride it for exercise. In 87 it was stolen. Sad story. A couple of years ago, I started getting nostalgic about this stuff and began trolling for a bike like the one I lost. Last Spring a list member sold me a very well-preserved frame in my size which I think is a 1974 (serial #A9177). It's one of the black/silver models. I just got around to building it up. I think everything is right except for the pedals and saddle. The wheels, stem, bars, derailieurs and cranks are from the right period. The wheels are ones that I raced on 35 years ago - Campy Record HF and Weimann rims. I do have a vintage Brooks Pro but, as old as it is, it still rides like a 2x4 or maybe two 2x4's. The Ideale saddle is reasonably comfortable and looks right. The pedals? What can I say? I want to ride the bike. Anyway, this is it. George Strickler New Orleans _______________________________________________

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