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That sounds more like it; except that the head badge still seems incorrect for that bike. I don't think I've ever seen an original paint silver Cinelli of that age (or any age for that matter) that didn't have a distinct yellowing of the clear all over the bike. I don't spend much time looking at photos when these debates come up, and some of you guys must get bigger or closer pictures of some of the details somehow; I can't tell from a quick glance that the black rubber booties are not the original ones. How are you people getting closer looks at the photos (not that I'm going to spend time doing it, but I'm curious how some can see a detail like there is no printing at the bottom of the black rubber cover)?

I'm starting to think that maybe the bike has been repainted; but again, only in person is it possible to tell for sure in some cases. It certainly seems that someone spent a lot of time trying to present this bike well. To me that sometimes means the bikes are more about the money involved than what the bike really is. Hard to say from photos and not being able to speak in person to the owner/seller. I also prefer sale of nice bikes to be directed to people who have a certain attachment to them, as opposed to who is willing to spend the most money; but that's just me.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA NOT a fan of Ebay for the very reasons we are experiencing here. Find a good home for the bike and get a reasonable price. Why play games in order to get the most money? I don't understand.

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Subject: [CR] 49 photos of Holy Grail Cinelli SC 1972 now
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The seller has, with the stroke of a keyboard, changed the date of the bike in the listing to 1972.

Angel Garcia Long Valley NJ

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Hi Crew, I know the seller well, and he is a good guy. Enjoy the photos and consider the ebay sale as a reverse auction. As the price drops, or someone places an offer that is acceptable, the end selling price will be much higher than if an auction started from a base point. This strategy has paid dividends for my friend in the past and has set some price precedents for some classic Italian creations. Someone out there will pay more than what we consider it's worth as these babies just dont show up in this condition. Regardless, a sound investment - as this is quality plus. (shame about the Universal 68s and some bivalents would be a bonus here) Here is the link to these 49 pictures I am staying out of the debate on this and will watch quietly from the sidelines. I get more satisfaction creating these works of art from a pile of components and a workshop full of skill, focus and hard work. Greg Softley Australia


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