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That looks like a great deal!

I would have to disagree with one thing though; the Cinelli is a really well made bike and there's no way the build quality of a Windsor is superior to a Cinelli. There's nothing wrong with a Windsor Professional; but to the trained eye of a framebuilder (and I've been inside both types of frames during repairs), the Cinelli is very well done under the circumstances.

As far as the ride goes, that is possible. For any given bike and rider, there are preferences. I've never ridden a Cinelli road bike, I only have a track bike. But I have heard countless times over the years that Cinellis ride in such a way that many like them.

Good luck with the sale. I would call that a good deal!

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

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From: Kevin Kruger
Subject: [CR] For Sale - Early 1970s First Generation Windsor Professional
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 08:59:04 -0800

Offered for sale to CR list members, my early 1970s first generation WINDSOR PROFESSIONAL == serial #703 == 100% original paint with replacement WINDSOR decals == Columbus SL frame tubing == 23" or approximately 58.5cm. CTT  frame size == price is $750.00 plus shipping.

Photos can be viewed at the following Wool Jersey address:

Bike is in great condition!!!  Equipped with Campagnolo Nuovo Record components and Universal Super 68 centerpull brakes (original equipment of first generation bikes).  Cinelli bars and stem (#66 bars shown will be replaced with #64 model).  Also includes Mexican "Unicanitor Copy" original equipment Windsor saddle!!!  High flange tubular wheels shown on bike will be replaced with small flange Campy Record clincher wheels and sold this way.

As most know, this is a Mexican made Cinelli SC copy, and to be completely honest, it is an impressive riding bike!!!  I actually prefer the ride of this bike over my 1973 Cinelli, plus the build quality of the Windsor equals or suprasses the Cinelli in my opinion.  I have only put about 150 miles on this bike since built and when  the photos were taken and originally posted on Wool Jersey, so the bike is in the exact same condition today as it was then.

Please contact me offlist if you are interested or have any questions - sorry, but the price is firm.

Regards, Kevin Kruger - Grantville, PA


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