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Thanks for these photos. Nicely presented and well done. They offer a nice lesson on frame design: I'd take the BJ over either of the other two just on the design, which both looks cleaner and has a more functional brake routing, etc.

Jon Spangler whose Peugeot UO-18 twin-lateral mixte looks functionally similar to the BJ in a vague sort of way, but isn't nearly in the same class (drool, drool...) in Alameda, CA USA

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> OK, this is my first attempt at posting photos to Flickr so please
> help
> me if I screwed up. I posted the three lady's bike that I discussed
> last
> week: a Cinelli, a Paramount and a Taylor. I named the set "Mixtes"
> though the bikes probably aren't as none have the twin lateral tubes
> running from the head tube to the drop-outs. I also decided to use a
> stone wall as my background to distinguish my bikes from Kevin
> Kruger's.
> He uses a brick wall. Brick Wall = Kevin's bikes. Stone wall =
> George's
> bikes. Now that I know just enough to be dangerous I plan on posting
> something new on a regular basis. My favorite photo is the one showing
> the middle of the Taylor where the sloping top tube transitions to two
> stays at the seat tube, all nicely fillet-brazed.
> Try this link:
> George Allen
> Lexington, Ky

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