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And the block chain is an amazing tradition. For many track racers, real 1/2" roller chain, unquestionably superior in terms of less mechanical losses, smoothness and ratio ease was held at bay for 60 years by the brutal block chain. The old guys argued for the block chains "snap", that is instantaneous acceleration.

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Whitneyville, CT

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Strickler, George M wrote:
> I never raced on a track. We didn't have one. I have now acquired a
> 70's era Frejus track bike which I'm building up. The chain is much
> beefier than road chains and the chain ring (Campy) has big teeth that
> are widely spaced. Is this all about stretch - providing a transmission
> that does not have any give in it? Or is there some other reason for
> the big chain and different chain ring?

Track bikes are all about tradition. Block chain is one of them. If you're racing 1/2" pitch makes more sense as changing ratios is easier, but on a collector it is cool to have

-- mvg

Marten Gerritsen
Kiel Windeweer